Why choose PTB?

We are exceptionally helpful to those who are unsure as to what they want out of a beta. All betas have different editing styles, and what might work for one author, might not work for another. With PTB, you have the opportunity to work with many different beta’ing styles until you find two betas that are perfect for you.

Why beta for PTB?

You don't have to be an author to want to beta. As long as you are a reader with the desire to help authors improve their craft you will gain something from PTB. We don't expect our betas to be perfect, but we do encourage our betas to want to continuously learn. Every day you will learn something new from commas to plot development to something about your own writing.

Learning Community

We continuously strive to help both our authors and betas improve in all aspects of writing. We like to maintain an active learning community that authors and betas can depend and lean on for support. If you give PTB a chance, you will find a friend here. Someone with the same interests and goals as you.