Unfortunately, we haven’t been offering beta services for a while now because of lack of time and commitment from the moderators and betas. Even so, we are still dedicated to helping authors and betas learn more about their skill. There are years of resources contributed from so many people in this community that we didn’t have the heart to take the site down, so all of that is still available to you.

Once we get our act together, we will begin to offer beta services to one shots and contest/compilation submissions at the very least and organize events/workshops. To be the first to know about future PTB’s events, sign up to our Announcement’s Email List.

Writers’ Resources

Develop your skills with editing by reading through articles written by members of the community and other writing resource sites on topics frequently asked about or come across.

Curious about other styles of writing or want to develop your own? Read through articles written by members of the fandom and check out ones we’ve used and value.

Fandom Advice 2010
Conducted in 2010 by PTB creator, jmeyer. A series of questions given to various fandom authors that relate to writing and editing, designed to help current authors with their own struggles.

Fandom Advice 2011
Conducted in 2011 by PTB admin, Lulu M. A series of questions asked by authors in the fandom and given to authors in the fandom. Covers various topics from writing to editing to social media.


Publishing World
Ever wonder how to make the leap from fan fiction to published fiction? Several authors from the fandoms who have gone on to publish original fiction share advice on their experiences and what to expect.

Smut University 2010
Articles include: Smut 101, Visual Imagery, Perspectives, Emotional Side of Sex, Girl on Girl, Threesomes, Self pleasure, Dirty Talk, Realistic Rational Real, The Difference Between Young Adult, Fluff, Sensual Romance, & Erotica Smut Scenes, Slash

Smut University 2011
Articles include: Research Research Research, Laughter & Lemons, User Requested, Drowned by Passion, Dos and Don’ts of Smut Writing, Match the Tone of the Scene, Realistic Sex vs. Fictional Sex, How to Take the Smolder Out of Smut

Smut University 2012
Articles include: Ficology: The Human Vampire Reproductive System, The Non (Completely) Gratuitous Lemon, Writing a Virgin Scene, Spanking the Monkey, Realism in Fic, Dirty Talk, Where Were These Teenage Gods When I Was In School, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Dialogue During Sex Scenes, Orgasm Me to Bits and then The End.
by Lulu M

Smut University 2013
Articles include: Perve Swerve, My Lemon Pie Recipe, Kink and Fetish, Prelude to a Kiss, Simmer to Sizzle, Transitioning into Sex Scenes, Boy Boy Boy, Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak.

Smut University 2014
Articles include: Action and Reaction, The Right Amount of Spice, Like a Virgin, UST & the Art of a Slow Burn, Sex-cessories, The Sweeter Side of Lemonade, Historical Romance, Keeping It Real.

Crash Courses

Basic Grammar
A seven day course sent straight to your inbox, including a practice test Lessons are: Comma Usage, Comma Splices, Dialogue Punctuation, Verb Tense, Word Choice, Possessive Pronouns.

Get Into The Writing Habit
Writing for longer periods of times over a course of 4 weeks or 29 days.

Book Reviews