Contest/Event Story Application

This application is ONLY for one-shots/outtake submissions for Contests and Events. If you are applying for a Work in Progress or a One-Shot not for a contest/event, please fill out a regular Story Application.

Please contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

* We will beta stories from the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight fandoms, and Original Fiction. 

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Project Team Beta will only work with authors who are making a clear effort to improve their writing skills. We expect authors to make an active attempt to improve their writing in conjunction with the efforts made by the betas of Project Team Beta.
2. Author or beta members of Project Team Beta who are under the age of eighteen will not work on content rated R or NC-17. PTB expects honesty and full disclosure from our members on this matter.
3. Authors may only have one submission in the Project Team Beta transit at a time.
4. Project Team Beta will make our best effort to return submissions to authors within one week of the chapter being placed into transit.
5. You may have no more than one multi-chaptered story per fandom and no more than one one-shot at any given time and only one submission in transit.
6. Project Team Beta Moderators will review all stories being submitted and identify any strengths and weaknesses. If a writing sample is very poor (i.e. multiple instances of many different mistakes, or clear evidence of a lack of self-editing), then PTB will deem the story not transit-ready. Authors will be invited to join our Crash Course for Basic Grammar, a week long course with basic writing concepts. After seven days and another thorough self-edit of their example, the author is invited to apply again.
7. Please allow up to seven days for your application to be processed. If you haven’t heard back by then, contact
8. We reserve the right to reject any story application for whatever reason. We want to maintain a positive and fun atmosphere here at PTB, and if we feel that your story or yourself could compromise this in anyway, we will not accept your story.
9. For a closer look as to how PTB works, please read through our FAQ.
10. We will do our best to get your story back to you in time to edit before the deadline. However, it’s not always guaranteed depending on when you were accepted. To help us out in this matter we suggest that you fill out a Story Application at least 3 weeks before the contest/event deadline, and then once accepted, send in your story to be beta’d at least 1–1.5 weeks before the contest/event deadline. The earlier the better though.

Do you agree to these terms?